Singapore Inspiration

Just back from Singapore this week, and I realised how long it has been since I last posted on my Blog.  Priorities, Priorities!  As a teacher, I have been very busy over the last four months or so, working in two schools, designing and making clothes and more recently dog minding.

Our six day trip to Singapore, was as always, inspirational and different from the last time we were there.  Staying in the central business district at the SO Sofitel, meant that we were very central to the MRT and after figuring out our locality in terms of where we wanted to go and how to get there, it wasn’t to difficult for navigate around Singapore to explore different places and take in the views.

As always, I brought my list of fabrics – silks, satins and beautiful laces and made my way to Arab Street near little India and the Raffles Hospital.

Be careful where you shop in Arab Street. Royal Fabrics stock good quality to excellent quality laces of all descriptions including Corded European Laces, Chantilly laces and a range of embellished or beaded laces in a multitude of colours and designs.

If you see an older gentleman there named Andrew, he will look after you and is very knowledgeable about his fabrics.  Drop in a few doors up (on his recommendation) to Gim Joo Fabrics if you need satin linings as they have a great range and very cheap.






Bucket List Singapore!


Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Art Science Museum Singapore


Clarke Quay Singapore


Singapore! Top of my list for countries in the world to put on your Bucket List and here’s why!

Magic happens when you visit Singapore.  It’s not just a city on the move.  The old meets the new in many ways here in South East Asia, with an astonishing mix of old world charm reminiscent of the post world  war two era and with the current expansive building regime, currently changing the landscape of the city &  Singapore’s international image into a more modern, futuristic and forward thinking city.

Internationally, Singapore is well placed as the third most wealthy city in the world. Something that Sir Stamford Raffles could have been said, was largely responsible for in establishing the island city as a major trading route with China, and with his founding of the City of Singapore in 1819.

As a tourist to Singapore, If you are interested in cultural diversity, are a foodie and can tolerate the tropical climate & humidity, then come to Singapore!  This tourist friendly city offers a multicultural melting pot of Eurasian Cuisine, influenced by the countries four main nationalities – Chinese, Malay, Indian & Indonesian.

The diverse & rich cultural influences of this combination all meld together wonderfully, to strongly influence the variety of food choices & exotic culinary cuisine, on this tiny island city in South East Asia with a population of approximately 5.4 million.


On our last day in Singapore, we wanted to experience a true culinary example of authentic cooking, by enlisting in the “Cookery Magic” Eurasian” Three hour  cooking course. I researched various cooking classes online, before settling on what I wanted and what felt like an “authentic” Singaporean experience in local ethnic cuisine.

We were not disappointed! After arriving by a short 15 min taxi ride to Ruqxana’s house in outer Singapore suburbia, we were greeted with a smile & accompanied onto the verandah area and given our apron, recipes & offered a glass of water.

Ruqxana, affectionately known as the Food Sorceress, has been offering her cooking classes for fourteen years and has really found a niche in the market, with her up close & personal cooking classes, teaching popular Indian, Malay, Singaporean & Chinese style combination dishes.

Along with the other five guests who arrived shortly after us, and were from the UK, America and one Singapore resident; we commenced our class in the rear outdoor kitchen with Ruqxana leading us with demonstrations of how to grind down a few spices (star anise, nutmeg & cinnamon stick) using a mortal & pester.

Ruqxana’s passion for her cooking is clearly evident, as she works her magic and offers us many small secrets to preparing the most amazing and fragrant food I have ever had the pleasure of tasting!

Following our three-hour cooking experience we were led out onto the front verandah once again, to assemble at the frangipani scattered dining table to enjoy our magnificent feast with our new-found friends from around the globe, and to talk more freely of Ruqxana’s other classes and experiences along the way in her journey in developing her Cookery Magic business as the memorable and informative Food Sorceress of Singapore!


Cookery Magic class

Tokyo diary – Day Three

Many years ago, when I was a student studying Fashion & Design, my younger brother had just finished his degree in International Business and Japanese Languages, when he announced to our parents that he was going to live in Japan. The dream of living abroad was then, a highly desirable goal for young Australian University grads.  Not much has changed since then.  As with my own daughters, the dream still lives….and many young Australians travel the globe to gratify their desire to learn of other cultures, experience their traditions, values & beliefs and aim hopes of attaining an amazing job that will allow them to live abroad as an “expat” Aussie living the dream and travelling the world. Well, its been twenty-five years and my brother has made a life in Tokyo for himself & his family and embraced Japanese culture with all that it has to offer in this amazingly diverse and intriguing city. I don’t know where the last quarter of a century has gone; but it rings true, that ‘life gets away from you’ and time just seems to disappear into thin air in our busy lives.  With that said; it was well & truly time to book that flight and get on a plane to Japan for the very first time. Cherry Blossom Season IMG_0329IMG_0324IMG_0365IMG_0381

Icecream in the Park

Icecream in the Park

April, is Hanami  season or Celebration of the Cherry Blossom trees flowering and the best time to visit Tokyo.  Even though the weather is currently, a little on the chilly side we are fortunate  to see the spectacular blooms of the Cherry Blossoms everywhere you venture and there has been  little rain to complain about in the last three days since we arrived in Minato-ku.

Blogger Traffic Newbie!

Another great post from fellow blogger Janice Wald Reflections, on “How to Immediately Get New Blog Traffic”. 


As a recent convert to the art of Blogging, I can say with certainty, that it is difficult to ascertain the way forward in making your blog more readable to the larger global audience when the focus is generally on creating a blog with credibility while learning the skills required to design,create, innovate, write in rhyme or reasoned sense on topics that may or may not appeal to an audience that is initially undefined.

Seemingly, as these these skills develop and views increase, followers come onboard & it gains momentum as your blog begins to take on a persona of its own. This comes with trial & error in every post that conveys meaning or insight into who the author is, and the tone of the blog that readers feel a connection with. Finding support in the blogging community is not difficult, with Worpress providing numerous short courses to enrol in on topics for beginners including: photography, poetry, verse, and many other areas I have yet to explore.

Connecting with fellow bloggers also offers an opportunity to explore different areas of blogging and discover ways to improve your content, gain new followers and re-imagine your initial ideas in an effort to reflect on how far you have come in the blogosphere journey!

Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast


For my last post in Photo101 here are my thoughts on “Triumph” in this edited, black & white pic of a sculpture I captured in 2014, at Cottesloe, Western Australia.

The image of a man, raising his love high up towards the sunlit sky with her arms spread out and raised to the sky………..kinda makes me feel that I have accomplished something worthwhile, over the last four weeks.

Many Thanks to the WordPress Crew for a great course


****Cheers to all my WordPress Photo101 classmates ***

Weekly Photo Challenge “Ephemeral”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

Sentosa Island - Singapore Aquarium

Sentosa Island – Singapore Aquarium

The constant swirling of little fish swimming around this central rock ediface is mesmerising and ephemeral in essence, as every shot has a different composition, with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of tropical fish emerging and ducking behind the central structure.

Taken while on holiday in Singapore, in 2014; I was surprised how clear the photo turned out considering I was viewing from behind the double glassed and very think glass. Note: the small square of light reflection in the centre.