Sunday Morning…………….

For some of us (my husband included) returning to work for the first Monday of the year is not what you want to be thinking about on your last day off & Sunday morning.  The Idea of breakfast on the foreshore in Scarborough however; feels more like a can do moment to enjoy today.


We discovered the Scarborough Beach Bar on New Years Eve, after a casual dinner at the Sandbar 500 metres up the road.  Previously known as ‘Johny Rockets’ cafe and diner the now renovated and  vastly improved beachside bar, with panoramic views over the large well placed balcony definitely lends itself to a more authentic beachside bar and cafe feel, with an interior design theme that perfectly compliments the iconic Scarborough Beach foreshore and conjures up memories of a bygone era.

Open for just over three weeks now it feels to me like this refreshing new venture could be the beginning of an new era of classier beach chic , on trend, themed bars the Scarborough redevelopment plan has had in mind for the Stirling Scene in 2015 and beyond.

Entrance to the venue is via a lower level stairwell in the entry foyer, accessed from the Cafe Del Pescatore restaurant courtyard. The casual & relaxed attire required to dine here for breakfast, lunch or diner somehow seems naturally appropriate, unassuming and nonchalantly accepted as the norm for the Scarborough Beach area.  Why pretend to be something your not!! especially when you have it all right in front of you………….the view I’m referring too of course, not to undermine the beachside chic ambience and casual charm created by the refurbishment of the new Scarborough Beach Bar.

Theres a lot to love about this place, everything from the polished timber floors to the high bar tables and white wicker stools, to the iconic and classy beach theme decor of the 1950’s and the classiest long horseshoe shape bar made with a beautifully crafted white and caesar stone bar top.  The relaxed vibe, is also created by the background tunes piped through a central sound system and playing the melancholy chillout tunes of Jack Johnson, Bernard Fanning, Lorde & jem to name a few.


Ordering breakfast here was delightful especially when given the menu cards depicting  a 1950’s photograph of the stereotypical ‘widge’ and ‘bodgie’  twosome, ironically with contemporary similarities……… that a hipster beard and mo on the grow there?  


On the Menu is your usual choice of Eggs Benedict and big breakfasts for the protein hungry and some delicious selections for the carb cravers or ‘hangry’ revellers if your here for a hangover cure from the night befores shenanigans! The coffee is good, but seemingly born of european traditional small cup size, costing the same in comparison to other eateries I’ve experienced around the Perth scene and notably served in a timely attentive manner by the equally well-trained but casually dressed wait staff.


Scarborough Beach Bar Mantra

Lets see how this one pans out in the coming months in 2015 with local support and the tourism trade it will be interesting to witness if they can raise the bar and pull it all together for the long haul and expand on what they have created here.  I for one are looking forward to more Sunday morning breakfasts and evening drinkies with friends, maybe even a selection of local and very talented solo acts like Ben Merito to liven up our weekends and take in the holiday crowds alike.


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