Evening wear Collections 2015

IMG_2262IMG_2263   IMG_2265IMG_2264

The first of my evening wear/formal collections is finished and as an overview I thought I would explain the design process from a-z and how it transpired and evolved into this Year 12 Formal Gown for Alyssa.

The fabric was brought in Singapore, July 2014 from an Arab St store and consists of a beautiful plum coloured medium weight satin and Black heavily beaded Guipure Lace that formed the overlay on the “two piece one shoulder set”.


Alyssa supplied a photograph of a model wearing a similar design and we discussed modifications to include coverage of her midriff area.  A toile was made and a first fitting before I commenced production and today we had the final fitting!

The design and Pattern were made made by me using a size 10 fitted bodice block and an ‘A line’ skirt block.  Note: Guipure lace is difficult to fit on a 3d body as there is not stretch in the lace apart from natural ‘ease’.  Therefore, the lace was cut on the cross, and the darts were folded and hand stitched into position after second fitting.  The lace overlay was also hand-stitched to the mounted front bodice before cutting around the armhole and neck edges before being ‘bagged out’ and pin-stitched!  What worked really well, was the angle of the ‘scallop edge’ sat beautifully on the waist with the gentle curve of the scallop finish that needed no hemming or finishing!

A lovely simple and elegant style and a very happy mum & daughter!


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