Swingtags & Labels

Working through the design process over the last four weeks has been awesome, a real shift from the structure and routine of my normal working life as a teacher.  Developing ideas visually as fashion design drawings, followed by the technical aspects of the pattern-making process that involves design interpretation and a solid understanding of proportion, line & balance.  Today, I’m working on a range of “Bandeau” stretch dresses (pics to come)

Its an evolving concept of continuity and dedicated application and who knows if it will lead me on a journey of the heart or a new career path.

With all the production I’ve been doing recently, I had forgotten about the need for Swingtag’s to accompany my designs as these will be required for retail sale.


PicMonkey @ http://www.picmonkey.com enabled me to edit a saved image of LiliPilly’s Logo Design in a “tile” format and altered via a range of “free” filters on the PicMonkey website.

LiliPilly Swingtag for my first Range………..LilyPilly swing tag


My Label and ribbon has finally arrived!  I ordered these from – Labelsandribbons.com.au and although it has taken more than two weeks, I am happy with the result.  The labels are woven Satin (6cm x 1cm) woven black text on a silver background. The ribbon is also (Icm width) with white background & black printed font.  I ordered a standard (100) labels and (50metres) of ribbon: but next time, I will look into using my own style font and upload this to the ‘advanced design tool’ section of the site so that I can use my own font style for the ‘LiliPilly’ label.  These options are at additional cost and so I decided to keep it simple for now.

Care Labels

In Australia, it is illegal to sell garments or clothing in retail outlets, unless applicable ‘care labels’ are attached.  The care labels need to represent the fibre content, washing & other care instructions.  There are options on the labelsandribbon website for care labels. Dependant on the fibre content of the fabric chosen for your design, each care label used will need to specifically represent how the garment is to be laundered and generally handled with care.

Time to get to work and attach these babies to my sample range & complete my first Summer Basics Range!  Time is running out and I really need to get onto it and start marketing my samples to local boutiques, and perhaps look into setting up a small market stall at local ‘fashion oriented’ market in Perth.

My blog will feature my collections, but this is a work in progress, so I will need to set-up a ‘new page’ called LiliPilly Store and turn this into an online retail space so I can sell from here.  I have no idea how to achieve this, or what the legalities are and how to go about setting up the page so this will be an interesting learning curve in the coming weeks!

Anyone who has any background in this area, I would really appreciate some advice on marketing and online store creation at this point!  Designer and manufacturer I am – Marketing guru…………..I am not !!




………………………………………………….Let the Journey Begin !!    

LiliPilly Quote#1


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