I Love A Sunburnt Country……

Australia Day PoemAustralia Day – 26th January is my favourite day of the year. It totally reminds me of how lucky I am to live in this sunburnt country, of vast extremes (48.3 degrees)today, in a little far North Western Australian town known as Marble Bar! I love this country for all that it offers in its rich landscapes, endless summers and diversity of cultures. I love it for the opportunities and lifestyle that those who live in this amazing country are fortunate enough to enjoy.

I love that Australians know how to have a good time on Australia Day!  The symbolic and iconic euthanisms of Australia Day go way beyond the broadly known and well accepted colloquial terms like “g’day mate” “goodonya” “little ripper” and “budgy smugglers”. Check out the Australian Slang Dictionary for more Aussie Idioms! and be prepared to be bamboozled with nonsensical and somewhat comedial colloquial terms that have honestly come about over the decades in the most stereotypical of ways – the backyard or beach BBQ.

No this is just the beginning of what is and will always be a monumental day of “bogan” rhetoric, all in the name of “Australia Day” fun and shenanigans………………

Growing up in suburban Melbourne in the 70’s & 80’s: me, like most youngsters from a large middle class family, we gravitated towards the closest and coolest beach on what was and continues to be one of the hottest days in the summer calendar in Australia.

A day at the beach was nothing without packing the usual culinary delights for this iconic and always memorable of occasions. The first thing to go in the “eski” of course was dads beer, a six-pack or two depending on who was driving that day.  Then in goes the “barbie” food for the iconic beach BBQ: this is, for those of you uneducated in the traditional Australian outdoors summer lunch, simply a large insulated box containing picnic food and alcoholic beverages (namely beer, beer and more beer). Food choices back then consisted of your average supermarket sausages otherwise know as “snags” and for the lucky ones, a juicy pork or lamb chop! “Wack” it on the “barbie” for a short, but very hot sizzle until charred black and unrecognisable, then “bobs your uncle” its done!

$_57Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.09.58 pmScreen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.11.24 pm

After lunch and feeling happily full and content, we would either “break-out” the beach “floaties” ready for the brave or stupid of us who dare to dive into the candescent aqua-marine blue waters of St Kilda Beach (unawares of the possibility or likelihood of sharks) or perhaps if you were lucky enough to getaway for the long weekend, a trip down the Great Ocean Road stopping off at either Torquay, Apollo Bay or Anglesea Beach just to name a few. Mostly, it was the ever-ready cricket bat and ball for a game of beach or backyard cricket that we all enjoyed on Australia Day and still do for all accounts as I can’t remember an Australia Day where I haven’t spotted a game of Aussie cricket.

In 2015, Aussies are still celebrating all the iconic things that have made this great country what it is today, but Australia Day has evolved accordingly, and so the typical Aussie family can choose to head to the beach or backyard BBQ, or maybe one of the amazing events that are on offer every year across the country in various locations – but never far from the beach or your own backyard!

Either way, It’s the best w/end of the year and not a bad way to celebrate your birthday either 🙂

For more on what to do this Australia Day, whether you’re an Aussie abroad or at home visit Australia’s Beach events and thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂


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