Balmoral Boatshed Sydney


Balmoral Boatshed Sydney!  The drive here was in itself a beautiful way to start the day.  Travelling interstate over the last week on what seems like a race around Australia marathon, I spent a morning traversing the morning peak hour traffic with my daughter and her friend as we navigated through the outer northern beachside suburbs until we finally came to Balmoral!  This historically referenced, quaint and and very sought after suburb not only offers locals and tourists the two beautiful beaches of Balmoral and Edwards Beach, but a range of seaside cafes, restaurants & other eateries.


After a short meander along the foreshore to the Boatshed, It was a nice surprise to see the effort they had gone to in creating an authentic rustic-chic beachside feel to this well-known and interesting cafe by the sea.IMG_2456IMG_2448

The Breakfast Menu also pleasantly surprised with delightful variations to standard menu items like the ‘big breakfast’. Oop!! I forgot to take a pic of our breakfast selections, but I can tell you they were huge and had a sense of being served breakkie by your grannie, on the backyard porch early on a Sunday morning in summer.  The coffee too, was fantastic and served with a dash of coffee art, as seen above.  The excellent service of the wait staff deserves a mention too!  I don’t like to choose favourites, but I have never seen his standard of timely & efficient service in Western Australian eateries and always notice the outstanding professionalism of the Sydney Hospitality Scene.  A must do visit on your next trip to Sydney folks!


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