Chinta Cafe Bliss

IMG_0018_2Chinta Cafe – Doubleview is one of my favourite places to share a coffee or lunch with friends.  The ambient balinese feel is made all the more authentic by the owners dedication to creating a blissful and relaxing atmosphere, and to their credit they have done an amazing job!  Just step inside via the rear courtyard or into the cafe & shop, and you will instantly feel transformed to a tropical balinese location.


The decor and various eclectic pieces from the shop, meld seamlessly together through the whole store creating a kaleidoscope of colour and unique pieces wherever you look.

I could take the whole place home with me and just spread it all around!  Love love love everything!  Including the coffee and organic range of quick meals and healthy snacks………


Namaste & see you soon Chinta !


Blogging #201 Assignment Two – Auditing your Brand

Assignment 2 for Blogging #201, Auditing your Brand!  Today I’ve spent some time thinking about the Image of my Blog and what I am attempting to create and convey to my readers.  My initial concept has been evolving with my understanding of the blogging process and the scope of an audience out there in the cyberspace!

Since I commenced blogging in December 2014, I have been travelling within Australia visiting family & friends and to my advantage, I have had to contend with being in different locations, network connections and levels of coverage from internet service providers. Through trial and error, it has forced me to extend my knowledge of accessibility issues and in focusing on content for my blog.  Travelling broadly, is great fodder for for content creation, if you know exactly what your looking for and if you have an eye for catching detail and depicting it in graphic content such a photos, imagery, or graphic redesign of original content.  All of these things I am reasonably confident in stating that I have some level of skill in.  But not so much in clearly defining the creative look of my blog or even the type of content that I want to put out there to make it more interesting and focused.

So this assignment really is doing my head in! More thought required on future goals before I can complete this one………………………