Day eighteen: Edge & alignment

Pemby pumpkin** Pemberton Pumpkin **

Frosty mornings, cool & bright

longing for the breath of night

lonely highways, passing stalls

handpicked veges and fruit forelorn.

Fertile lands from ages gone, laying seed to bring forth growth

Giant pumpkins larger than most!

Lavish suppers of age old fare, reminds me of grandma’s lare.

Country kitchens, toasty wood fires

As night draws near, one hungers for reminders……..

 I’m certainly no poet, but wanted to have some fun with this beautiful quintessential image of a Pemberton Fruit stall on a lonely highway down south of Western Australia. The image was edited in PicMonkey to convey a feeling of mystery by blurring the edges, but sharpening the vertical and horizontal lines of the timber palette, and the fence posts in the background.

I love the way the image evokes sentimentality and I can almost smell the country air, cool & crisp as I view it.


Day sixteen: Treasure & close-ups

On a w/wend shopping trip in Sydney recently, I captured this photo of my two tired daughters……being silly with one another.  I love this picture as it reminds me that when siblings get together there is much joy in the knowledge that you can totally be yourself with one another……..truly a treasure 🙂

Photo101 – “Landscape & Cropping”

Big Brook Dam – Pemberton Western Australia

IMG_0229IMG_0222These beautiful images were taken on my iPhone 6 last weekend at Big Brook Dam in the Great Southern Forests region of Western Australia, a four hour drive from Perth City.

I used the PAN setting to capture a panaroma depicting the peace and tranquility I felt in this vast wilderness. Both images have been edited in iPhoto on my Macbook Pro, to enhance the contrast in colour and to add some lightness to each image.


I edited two of the landscape images with the Sepia setting in an attempt to prompt the viewer to think about the historical significance of Pemberton and the Great Southern Forests region in Western Australia’s history.


Photo101 – “Scale” and Valley of the Giants


Pemberton Western Australia is home to some of the worlds most beautiful and significant tall trees in the area known as the Great Southern Forests.

The magnificence of these giant Karri and Marri trees, densely amassed throughout the region, was awe inspiring as we wandered through National Parks and wilderness areas such as the Warren National Park and the historically significant Bibbulman Track.

The tree pictured was captured on my iPhone 6 on Saturday, while on a 4 km walk with friends through the Big Brook Dam area. It struck me as worth a ‘point and shoot’ photo because of the brightly coloured moss growing on the lower section of the stump. Then having viewed the photo on my Mac at home, I can see the scale and comparison to the smaller trees in the background, which makes for an interesting composition.

Photo101 – Moments

Forever Young - Jessica & Jesse

Forever Young – Jessica & Jesse

Reading today’s theme, I felt compelled to share this photo of “A moment”.

It is the feeling of young love, tragically lost or stolen away after an event that changed my family forever.
Just like Neil Young’s song Comes a Time, ………..”you and I, we were captured. We took our souls and flew away”

This moment could never have been repeated for these two young lovers who will never know how their lives would have played out!

Some moments so deep and personal…….that only a photo….a memory….a moment can evoke a meaning!

Photo101 – Day Twelve “Architecture & Monochrome”


P1030878The “Architecture & Monochrome” Theme for Photo101

I love this historical window set in an eighteenth century chateau, in Bordeaux France, that had been converted into a winery or (wine cave).  The photo depicts an inset window pane, framed in wrought iron & decorated with a dangling Heart also constructed from wrought iron. The image has not been altered or photoshopped!  I think thats what makes it unique and beautiful.

Photo101 – Mystery & Lighting


The Theme for Photography #101 – Day Ten is Mystery & Lighting Effects.  In this photograph taken at a local beach, you can see the reflection of the Sun seemingly playing on the lens of the camera to create pink tones of incandescent light.  Streams of light extend from the sun directed toward the water, and although I know the effects were created by accident, I am drawn to the surreal nature of the sky, as its nothing I have captured before.

Photo#101 Connected Theme


* “Connected” *

Interpreted here in this photograph taken at Zetland, in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.  These massive nine or ten story apartment buildings are popping up everywhere with developers encouraging community living and environmentally friendly shared zones.  Check out the rooftop gardens!  The reticulated native rooftop gardens  add a softer look to the concrete jungle in the background.