Photo101 – Street Theme

Asssignment #2 – Photo101 – Street Theme

Todays Photo Challenge is to post a photograph depicting a street scene near wear I live. These images depict the Swam River in Perth and a Street Art Scene in a carpark near where I live (does a carpark count as a street)?  I couldn’t decide which one I loved the most.  Both are typical scenes around the city of Perth and both represent the “street scene” theme, I think.  Each have elements that evoke meaning to me, street art and art in general is something I am passionate about, in the design sense of the word.  I’m not an artist, although I have dabbled in drawing and oil painting many times I don’t think I have a lot of talent in that area.  But I do love to create meaning through photography as art!  In these two images, I believe the meaning is about the elements of design that are present in both photos.  Line – being the road markings and the perspective in image #2 and the lines separating each section of the images depicted in #1. Colour – although the colours in image #1 are Triadic (opposite & quite vibrant colours) and the second image is Analagous (harmonious colours found in nature) they both seem to compliment each other.  The bird in the second image is in the foreground, Although my eye is drawn to the jetty in the background as this is where the road is heading and is a possible focal point.

They each make me feel calm and grateful for the beauty that can be found in my home city.



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