Beau Greaves – A Wild Life

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My Nephew Beau, could be referred to as a wildlife warrior or just plain crazy! He is someone with a strange and dangerous obsession with native Australian wildlife, but whatever you want to refer to him as, I remember him as one who always was wild at heart growing up in Lake Cooroibah on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  From a young lad he was always curious about native creatures in the wild, wether that be the lake at the bottom of the hill behind his parents house, the Noosa River or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in South East Queensland.

At 24, Beau is following his passion for adventure and intrigue of Australian Wildlife in his career as a deep sea diver off the coast of North Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula.  Recently, Beau has attracted the attention of the Australian & Phillipine Press with articles popping up about his crazy adventures in the tropical waters of the North Coast of Australia, detailing his escapades with the highly sought after and elusive Mud Crab, of which has made for some seriously good viewing with his latest round of exploits, on Beau’s YouTube Channel.

Check out his Blog at Beau Greaves A Wild Life  – You won’t be disappointed!


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