Photo101 – Day Twelve “Architecture & Monochrome”


P1030878The “Architecture & Monochrome” Theme for Photo101

I love this historical window set in an eighteenth century chateau, in Bordeaux France, that had been converted into a winery or (wine cave).  The photo depicts an inset window pane, framed in wrought iron & decorated with a dangling Heart also constructed from wrought iron. The image has not been altered or photoshopped!  I think thats what makes it unique and beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Photo101 – Day Twelve “Architecture & Monochrome”

  1. lindellbell says:

    Hey Caz I have tried to like your posts that are coming through to my emails, but have only been able to like one. I can’t seem to find the like button on the others at all. I just thought I better let you know, if you were wondering why no responses, this might be why. Nice. Photos too by the way. Love it.



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    • Caz says:

      Hi Lindell I’ll check out the Follow button widget somethings wrong there. Ive been working full-time casual last two weeks and next week!! Hope things are going well for you will call you when I get back from Japan second week of hols x


    • Caz says:

      Hi Lindell, I figured out why the like button didn’t work. I changed my theme. They needed to be “turned on” in a new theme. go to – WP Admin/settings/sharing – then turn on the buttons that you want to show on page or post. i.e.:twitter, reblog, like, Facebook etc
      Another learning curve !!


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