Day eighteen: Edge & alignment

Pemby pumpkin** Pemberton Pumpkin **

Frosty mornings, cool & bright

longing for the breath of night

lonely highways, passing stalls

handpicked veges and fruit forelorn.

Fertile lands from ages gone, laying seed to bring forth growth

Giant pumpkins larger than most!

Lavish suppers of age old fare, reminds me of grandma’s lare.

Country kitchens, toasty wood fires

As night draws near, one hungers for reminders……..

 I’m certainly no poet, but wanted to have some fun with this beautiful quintessential image of a Pemberton Fruit stall on a lonely highway down south of Western Australia. The image was edited in PicMonkey to convey a feeling of mystery by blurring the edges, but sharpening the vertical and horizontal lines of the timber palette, and the fence posts in the background.

I love the way the image evokes sentimentality and I can almost smell the country air, cool & crisp as I view it.


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