Tokyo diary – Day Three

Many years ago, when I was a student studying Fashion & Design, my younger brother had just finished his degree in International Business and Japanese Languages, when he announced to our parents that he was going to live in Japan. The dream of living abroad was then, a highly desirable goal for young Australian University grads.  Not much has changed since then.  As with my own daughters, the dream still lives….and many young Australians travel the globe to gratify their desire to learn of other cultures, experience their traditions, values & beliefs and aim hopes of attaining an amazing job that will allow them to live abroad as an “expat” Aussie living the dream and travelling the world. Well, its been twenty-five years and my brother has made a life in Tokyo for himself & his family and embraced Japanese culture with all that it has to offer in this amazingly diverse and intriguing city. I don’t know where the last quarter of a century has gone; but it rings true, that ‘life gets away from you’ and time just seems to disappear into thin air in our busy lives.  With that said; it was well & truly time to book that flight and get on a plane to Japan for the very first time. Cherry Blossom Season IMG_0329IMG_0324IMG_0365IMG_0381

Icecream in the Park

Icecream in the Park

April, is Hanami  season or Celebration of the Cherry Blossom trees flowering and the best time to visit Tokyo.  Even though the weather is currently, a little on the chilly side we are fortunate  to see the spectacular blooms of the Cherry Blossoms everywhere you venture and there has been  little rain to complain about in the last three days since we arrived in Minato-ku.


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    Such Gorgeous girls.

    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. It’s lovely to have you as an important part of my blogging community. I hope you enjoy your time at Insight From A Woman’s Heart. Welcome! Dee

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