The Elegance of Lace!

I usually like to make my own patterns from designs that clients present to me, and I generally ask them to choose their own fabrics as well.  If asked, I am happy to offer suggestions and discuss the characteristics of ‘fibres and fabrics’, having a background as a textiles and fashion design teacher at TAFE in Australia. My qualifications & experience  in Fashion business and Design,  has afforded me the knowledge to understand and appreciate the many attributes of quality  fabrics and how they can work best in the particular design & fit of a garment.


The above pieces are examples of my most recent project: a sheer synthetic netting with a densely beaded Guipure lace and a medium weight plum coloured satin. I assisted with the selection of these pieces from Arab Street, Singapore and have found that both pieces worked very well together.  If your ever in Singapore, you really can’t go past the area where Arab street is, as there is just so much choice and if your prepared to barter with the local retailers, one can pick up a great selection of high-end pieces.  Some are obviously ‘branded’ with designer names along the selvage edge indicating that they may well be ‘end runs’ or leftover fabric rolls from larger manufacturers in the region.

Fibres & Fabrics


Silk Georgette & Silk Chiffon are two of my favourite fabrics as are natural, animal fibres and are perfectly matched to our long hot summers here in WA.  Silk made from the humble silk worm fibre, has many favourable, characteristics including its ability to absorb moisture and allow airflow.  It drapes beautifully and lends itself nicely to the casual and edgy beach chic styling, these pieces purchased from quality retailers like, Tessuti Fabrics online in Sydney,  exudes class with their modern prints and this is what I want my summer range to reflect in 2015.

Three pieces: Navy stripe Silk Georgette, google earth print – Silk Chiffon & vintage rose print – Silk Chiffon.

IMG_2179 IMG_2178IMG_2175

Design inspiration: My inspiration board for this range of summer basics has been taken from the coastline in Bunker Bay South West of Perth, near the small town of Yallingup.   Summer here in WA , although harsh and sometimes arid, is astonishingly beautiful and the landscapes & seascapes simply and effortlessly exude natural inspiration as seen below in these images from Bunker Bay Beach.

IMG_2334 IMG_2343

Design Ethos

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you © Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationlive.’Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace nailed it when he coined the above quote!  Why do some women feel the need to fit into a stereotypical nondescript or mainstream interpretation of their individuality?

Theres nothing more appealing and interesting than when you notice a women who effortlessly exudes style with her combination of eclectic pieces, naturally brought together through trial and error until she feels that inner confidence and outer glow……………….

As women, we are often challenged to ‘fit’ into a narrow representation of mainstream fashion choices, readily available and highly publicised in magazines, social media and  retail fashion forums.

In 2015, women are empowered to wear whatever is appropriate to their lifestyle, their workplace and their social or leisure activities.

Do we really need to impress others, with conformity anymore?  Are we not living in the age of technology and consumerism, where the workplace could… reality, be anywhere from the business premise, home office, local cafe, or beachside hangout?


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