Blogger Traffic Newbie!

Another great post from fellow blogger Janice Wald Reflections, on “How to Immediately Get New Blog Traffic”. 


As a recent convert to the art of Blogging, I can say with certainty, that it is difficult to ascertain the way forward in making your blog more readable to the larger global audience when the focus is generally on creating a blog with credibility while learning the skills required to design,create, innovate, write in rhyme or reasoned sense on topics that may or may not appeal to an audience that is initially undefined.

Seemingly, as these these skills develop and views increase, followers come onboard & it gains momentum as your blog begins to take on a persona of its own. This comes with trial & error in every post that conveys meaning or insight into who the author is, and the tone of the blog that readers feel a connection with. Finding support in the blogging community is not difficult, with Worpress providing numerous short courses to enrol in on topics for beginners including: photography, poetry, verse, and many other areas I have yet to explore.

Connecting with fellow bloggers also offers an opportunity to explore different areas of blogging and discover ways to improve your content, gain new followers and re-imagine your initial ideas in an effort to reflect on how far you have come in the blogosphere journey!

4 thoughts on “Blogger Traffic Newbie!

    • Caz says:

      Hi Janice, I just updated that post on blogging and thanks for some great ideas for beginners like myself. I’m leaving for Tokyo today and wanted to make an effort to focus on gaining more followers and improve my overall readership. Heres hoping I find some interesting ideas while away. Keep in touch 🙂

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